At Cortech we offer various courses for organizations that are designed to meet the ever-changing safety industry and the specific needs for organizations. Our training takes place at our Cortech Training Facility in Mississauga and is comprehensive, interactive, and adaptable. We have professional trainers with over fifteen years of experience that are committed to educating and implementing the required practices of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and legislative regulation.

In-Person Courses We Offer



Working At Heights

Do not be left hanging on any job site without a Working at Heights Certification. This course is designed to ensure all employees working above the ground know the proper laws, use, and maintenance of working at heights

Traffic Control and Planning (Book 7)

Know the rules of the road – make sure your employees are properly trained toward traffic control and planning, specific to Book 7 requirements.

A Guide to Workplace Investigation

Solidifying the importance of an eye for detail, this course outlines how to carry out a comprehensive workplace inspection, including checklist design and safety protocols.

Hazard Management

Would your organization like to have a successful Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) and help minimize the potential for injury or illness in the workplace? If yes, take this course and have an effective and ongoing hazard and risk management system which is an important part of your program. This course provides information and tools to assist those who are involved in developing or enhancing their organization’s hazard and risk management system.

Basics of Supervising

Anything but basic – prepare your supervisors and management to have competence and confidence on the job with this introductory course about job management and safety requirements.

Basics of Fire Extinguisher

Workplace fires can happen at any time. That’s why it’s important to know what to do when a fire starts, know when and how to fight it and when not to. This program will provide viewers with the basic information they need to react safely in a potentially dangerous situation.

Workplace Violence and Harassment

Workplace violence and harassment can affect all business sectors and occupations, including your company. Why not give your supervisors and managers proper tools to handle any workplace violence and harassment that may happen at your workplace.

Respiratory Fit Testing

A course designed to demonstrate and test hazard protection equipment. Protect you and your employees from hazardous airborne particles they may encounter on the job through respirator training, fitting technique, and equipment maintenance

Basics of Hoisting and Rigging

Hoisting and Rigging operations are a serious endeavor where “live and loads” are at stake. Guesswork and chance have no place in the workplace, especially in the unforgiving world of lifting. Rigging is a special event; a risk is created every time we lift a load off the ground. Specific tools, methods, and an informed mindset are critical.

Standard First Aid with CPR Level C and AED Training

We all know that accidents may happen on a project site, so why not prepare your employees with the Standard First Aid and CPR Level C & AED training. Not only will participants be able to save a life on a job site, but they may also be able to save life anywhere else. Become the company that provides its employees with all the training they need to be successful!


Cortech is excited to launch an e-learning platform with over 2,000 various courses. With the easy access of searching for the course of interest and purchasing it directly through our website, you will receive a certification at the end!