Integrated Management System

At Cortech we can assist your organization to compile two or more ISO standards from different areas of discipline to an Integrated Management System (IMS). For example, the combination of ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001. Our Health and Safety Consultants can assist your organization with developing, implementing, and maintaining documents and records for your organization’s IMS.

Our ISO Services

Gap Analysis

Cortech’s ISO Certified Consultants are assigned to conduct a planned assessment to identify any non-conformities in the organization’s current management system against the requirements of the applicable standards.

Corrective Actions

Following the gap analysis, Cortech will develop an action plan with timelines by assigning specific actions that will be taken for all non-conformities identified and taking the necessary steps to close all gaps while following set priorities. The Cortech team will follow up to ensure the proposed corrective actions are complete.

Policy and Objectives

Cortech will assist with the development of the integrated QHSE policy that includes relevant standards the organization is pursuing. Following the development of the integrated QHSE, Cortech will guide the organization to identify appropriate objectives based on its vision, mission, goals, and strategic direction.

Documentation and Directives

With the guidance of Cortech, the organization will implement the integrated QHSE by introducing the applicable forms and documents to its departments or operational groups. The completion and communication of these directives will be monitored through management meetings.

Awareness and Training

A critical component of the integrated QHSE is training all levels of the organization to ensure a clear understanding of the system, specific processes, procedures, and communication. The Cortech team will provide the necessary training sessions, so individuals or operational groups know their roles and responsibilities.

Internal Audit

Internal audits are required to measure how the system performs, assess its effectiveness, and identify potential non-conformities. The organization’s internal auditing team, with guidance from Cortech, will create an internal auditing system and schedule. Internal audits will be performed at frequencies that comply with the applicable standard(s) and meet the organization’s objectives.

Organize a Management System Review Meeting

Regular management review meetings will be conducted annually to address any QHSE issues. The following sections of the QHSE can be reviewed during these meetings; policies, the organization’s strategic direction, objectives, and the status to which objectives have been met, results of process performance; results of internal audits, feedback, and legal compliance; any suggestion to update the risk assessment and incidents reports. Then create a corrective action plan to address any nonconformances to the standards.